Dr. Berry specializes in life-work balance, communication, team building, and addressing negative patterns that limit success. She capitalizes on her knowledge of human behavior by building cultural training, trauma informed services, optimizing team performance, building organizational culture, and leading teams using her extensive experience in various research methodologies and understanding of organizational structure. Dr. Berry is an excellent communicator and trainer, with extraordinary wisdom, insight, focus, and tenacity. Dr. Berry is passionate about supporting individuals, families, organizations, other mental health professionals, and ministries reach their goals. She has experience leading teams and supporting program development. She also has provided supervision and training for students, mental health professionals, families, and churches. 

Example Focus Areas:

General Audience: Mental Health Awareness, Parenting in the Digital Age, Overcoming Life’s Obstacles and Challenges, Raising Resilient Children, and Helping the Helper

Mental Health: Managing Depression and Anxiety, Caring for a Child with Special Needs, and Finding Balance and Peace in a Chaotic World

Church/Ministry: Impact of Mental Illness on Faith and Spiritual Functioning, Discovering Your Purpose, “Where is God When it Hurts”, and Forgiving Yourself and Others

Leadership/Business: Trauma Informed Business Practices, Dealing with Conflict in the Workplace, Working with Difficult People, and Cultivating the Leader Within

Dr. Berry
Dr. Berry